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The BIA™ Blueprint for the Special Population Golfer

The creation of the BIA™ System launched in 2009 has provided a platform where-by  BIA™ credentialed Golfing Machine Authorized  Instructors and  associated BIA™ credentialed PGA teaching professionals can design and implement customized  BIA™ Swing Rehab and Skill Recovery™ programming protocols for golfers.

Rehab Your Golf Swing

Acute and chronic injuries, an aging population, and participation in golf: What do these topics all have in common?  Using the old blueprint or traditional blueprint of the biomechanics of a golf swing may no longer be possible or might even aggravate a medical or musculoskeletal condition for those returning to golf after an illness, injury, or period of time in Physical Therapy. Special population golfers (recovering golfers) should receive programming in an entirely different manner.  The injury may have been “fixed”, but the golf swing may still be quite “broken”. 

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