BIA™ Golf: Helping you help yourself!

Golf performance is not learned by instinct, we don’t react to a moving ball, and just like the children’s game of telephone, the information we send out to the golf club through our body from our brain may be flawed or deficient due to some disruption of communication or function somewhere along the pathway from brain to body.  This reduces or impairs competency while inducing a lack of confidence and certainty about our ability to execute in a consistent, effective, and repeating manner.  

Remember, the brain learns the “habit” (regulated behavioral routine) and creates the blueprint concept map which includes the routes or defined pathways by which patterns of poses are executed or expressed by the body.   Thus, the body expresses the concept blueprint map through a flow motion distinct pattern of interconnected pose choreography. The golfer displays this biomechanical operation in a manner similar to a musician utilizing an instrument to express notes on a sheet of music.   

The golfer’s execution is a mechanical “language of motion” as this designed physical act unfolds through “reading a concept blueprint technique map” and navigating patterns of poses (using the biomechanical system) with the goal of conforming or adhering these specified patterns of motion to the technique “map” pathway route.  Just as the musician follows the composer’s musical arrangement for precision and tempo, the golfer’s biomechanical system choreographs itself to the brain’s “sheet music composition arrangement” for a golf stroke operating the implement (golf club) in a manner that is comparable to how a musician skillfully operates their selected implement (instrument)   This is a learned process that incorporates theory as well as practical application that is best operated in a working partnership with a knowledgeable professional or team of professionals.  

Thus, the professional or “team” of professionals working with a golfer are the composers writing the symphony or concept blueprint technique map as a stream of code that conforms itself to the principles and postulates of the science of golf.  The golfer becomes educated in the “composition” and through performance application, feedback, rehearsal, adaptive modification, and insight transfers the correct “symphony orchestration” composition into the matrix of their brain with a capacity to execute this symphony in a manner that complies with the design and intentions of the composers.

Welcome to the world of motor learning and golf performance!

What you know will either empower you or impede you. Concepts, words, thoughts, and images are the fuel for every physical action you perform including your golf motion or “stroke pattern”.  If the knowledge is flawed the movement flounders.  The motion of the club is entirely dependent upon the movement the golfer “expresses”.   

Correct knowledge is the ultimate fuel or power plant for optimal golf performance.  Of primary importance, and the hub of focus, is the vital understanding of the engineering features and design of the golf club which can be summarized as its designated operational platform.  Thus, the design and intended method and manner by which the golf club is to be lawfully utilized requires human participant performance to be adapted to it and not the other way around.

This is not ethereal philosophy or generic sports psychology!   This is the derivation for motor learning for golf optimization and the basis by which the science of BIA™“knowledge driven movement” is founded.   The BIA™ System dedicates its scholastic, academic, and educational focus on the clinical and diagnostic biomechanical constructs associated with golf performance.  This area of study includes physiology, motor learning, anatomy, functional capacity, etc.

To thrive and optimize our golf performance it is essential to:
  • First, understand how the “precise” language and verbiage that we download into our brain from all sources we are exposed to produces the physical method, manner, and motion of the golf stroke expressed.  This information must be “lawful” and not “awful”, meaning that it must be scientifically valid and accurate.  If the information is flawed our thinking and reasoning mechanism and learning curve will be “hijacked”If what you think is “out of sync” then your swing will stink!   Valid and impeccable educational resources with proper coaching and training rectify this issue.  The brain learns the habit as we express physically knowledge driven movement.
  • Second, ensure that the performance expression system (the human body) is not uninformed, misinformed, impaired, does not harbor any blocks in the chain of expression, and/or have any hubs of biomechanical dysfunction with-in its structural engineering matrix. Understanding how to decode the “language of motion” technique blueprint (which is tailored to the functional capacity of the individual) and convert that language into a “dialogue of kinematic sequencing expression” (pose choreography) is what BIA™ is all about.   Performance patterns of expression must be navigated along specific G.O.L.F. science technique routes, must be designed to account for the specific biomechanical system viability of each person, and must adhere to the boundaries of the science of G.O.L.F. When knowledge driven movement is tailored to the biomechanical functional capacity of the individual the result is a lawful but individualized stroke pattern that is truly artistry in motion.
BIA™ Golf is a comprehensive resource that can help “school” you in the specific areas of golf performance that you need help with. 
Let’s turn you into your own learning center!!!!

Golf performance is a subject and can be studied. We need direction or education and training to help us get to where we need to go. To excel we have to be prepared and we have to know what to focus on.  

What type of help is needed?
  1. Clearing problems or blockages in the understanding or comprehension process into pathways of insight and motor learning movement integration.
    This is the goal of education.
  2. Explanation of key terminology and “professional jargon” as it relates to general or specific stroke pattern issues and problems. This separates myth from fact.
  3. Movement Science Training Protocols and not Mimicry.  This is the goal of competency.
  4. Performance Patterning for golf motion that will be more compatible to assessed current biomechanical status.  This is diagnostic customization.

Remember, competency creates confidence.  Confidence does not create competency.

Other Services offered:

  1. Consulting: Helping Teaching Professionals integrate this information into golfer management and improvement plans.  Working with allied health professionals who desire performance protocols for their golfers.  This includes BIA Swing Rehab and Skill Recovery™ programming design.  This category includes both short and long term consulting services. Consulting services also includes group education, training, and continuing education for teaching and allied health professionals at facilities, clinics, and corporate organizations.
  2. Technical Writing: Creating key biomechanical and professional information by assignment and topic which supplements or supports articles, periodicals, books, websites, and presentations.
  3. Personal Coaching: Working to develop enhanced aptitude, educational insight, and improvement performance protocols for individual golfers and professionals in need of mentoring, tutoring, or practice plans.  This includes tutoring in the BIA™ books.
  4. Public Speaking: For your event, seminar, summit, or group.  Presentations and specialty subject matter are tailored to the goals and objectives of the event.  This also includes key note addresses, group education, training, fundraisers, and continuing education for teaching and allied health professionals at facilities, clinics, and corporate organizations.