Some features of BIA™ include:

  • BIA™ strongly allies itself to the education and scholastic information written by Mr. Homer Kelley in his Golfing Machine material.  The Golfing Machine (G.O.L.F. science) has been a gold standard reference for golf educational constructs and has produced some of the most ground breaking and comprehensive compendium of golf science technical information ever.  The Golfing Machine contains principles and postulates derived from the science of geometry and physics.  There is not any dogmatic inflexibility or “The Singular Way” doctrine espoused by Mr. Kelley in the Golfing Machine.  
  • BIA™ is based on a clinical and diagnostic system where the technique or science of golf is the foundation by which evaluation of the golfer flows moving from technique to performance and finally to conditioning.   Exercise assessment in isolation should not be the primary method by which inferences about golf stroke pattern management should be based.  Therefore, the priority stream of management (after a complete review of clinical factors and functional capacity physiology) has TGM technique as primary, BIA™ performance secondary, and conditioning applications tertiary.  
  • TGM and BIA™ function in a synergistic relationship or technique and performance alliance referred to as “Fusion”.
  • BIA™ like TGM offers professionals many options and versatility in creating performance programming for golfers. 
  • BIA™ separates performance from conditioning rather than approaching them as interchangeable.
  • BIA™ is the first golf performance system to adjust the anatomical planes to the oblique orientation of the golfer while stationary and in motion.  This makes the evaluation of golf club pathway navigation and evaluation of golfer patterns of movement a synchronized as well as synergistic process.  Relevant relationships between errors of technique proficiency execution can be immediately evaluated with golfer biomechanical performance expression dysfunctions. Effects are distinguished from causes.  This merging of technique and performance is the basis of TGM-BIA™ Fusion.  (See the BIA Tent Model™ information on this site or in the BIA™ Level I text).
  • BIA™ establishes a compatible “golf diagnostic” language and professional verbiage that is shared with all associated allied professionals.  With all professionals “fluent with a common denominator of professional communication” the golfer is able to receive care from a symbiotic team of paraprofessionals who in combination provide expertise, treatment, technical instruction, performance, as well as conditioning that is complementary and not adversarial.
This BIA™ Golf site will feature articles, educational segments, as well as personalized consulting/technical writing services for golfers and professionals.