Desired Performance Display?

By Dr. Matthew M. Rosman, GSEE
Director of Biomechanics and Sports Science, The Golfing Machine, LLC

What is “a way” in which we may describe the presence of desired performance display of a stroke pattern execution?    

This author offers the following derived definition as a starting point for academic discussion and consideration:

Evidence of desired performance competency is present when the body’s display of motion is in a state of harmony with the science of the sport of participation.

When the body moves in harmony with the science of G.O.L.F. requirements, displayed performance:

•    Is fluid
•    Is well orchestrated and coordinated
•    Has an economy of movement with efficient and effective sequencing and synchronization
•    Expresses itself in congruence with the pre-selected technical components and procedures
•    Produces the desired geometrical alignments as well as the desired harnessing and expression of forces
•    Alignment utilization is executed with desired Rhythm producing “RightTiming (6-F-1)
•    Ball Behavior Display conforms to all required and desired goals

Technique and performance instruction is a fusion of G.O.L.F. and BIA™ principles.  This “fusion” approach offers a system of educational distinction, which may provide, a vastly diverse as well as effective "catalog" of instructional programming protocols, for a wide range of aspiring student golfers. If we as Authorized Instructors can succinctly and accurately communicate to our students what a useful definition of, as well as a key goal for optimal performance display is, we can convey our readiness and expertise of capability to offer highly proficient lesson programming, that has at its core, well-defined clarity, pertaining to the outstanding effectiveness of a TGM-BIA™ fusion program of instruction.

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