New BIA ™ Manual to be Published Early Fall 2011

It has been a robust year of growth for The Golfing Machine.  TGM launched a brand new website as well as expanded the educational video library in concert with the Biomechanics and Sports Science branch launching a new companion website (  Now TGM is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new BIA™ instructional manual early this fall.

“Golfer P.A.R.-formance™ for Maximal Driver Performance”, is designed to serve a dual purpose as a continuing education resource for both Authorized Instructors and their golfer students.  The new manual includes descriptions, activities, progressions, customization, and a reference section with photographs as well as a brand new “Sway Factor™ diagram”.

The information in the new BIA™ manual assists the Authorized Instructor in expanding upon their lesson plan design customization, providing enhanced TGM-BIA™ “fusion” protocols, post lesson assignments, as well as functioning as a specific home performance enhancement tool that will increase the potential for growing competency. 

This new manual is a great resource for golfers of all skill levels to read and use as a self-study aid.

New concepts, expanded educational information, and perspectives are provided with the steady assurance of “connection” to all of Mr. Kelley’s Golfing Machine principles.
To quote from the manual’s back cover:

“This manual progresses and expands on the information in the BIA™ System with specific information for the reader that establishes parameters, procedures, and activities by which a lively, dynamic, and optimal address position a.k.a. GBP™ (Golf Baseline Position™) with the driver (or any golf club) may be formulated.   Dr. Rosman’s concept of Recruited Stability™ is explored in a manner suitable for both the professional and golfer student. By developing a P.A.R.™ (Personal Alignment Routine™) as well as understanding and assessing Sway Factor™, both the engineering design for set-up and the imperative state of enhanced ‘docking’ with the ground may be optimized in a manner tailored to each golfer.  This manual is a learning tool and a performance enhancer for all golfers.   It also serves as a resource of continuing education for the professional as well.       
Authored by Dr. Matthew M. Rosman, GSEM, this manual is designed for the professional to provide to the golfer student as a support and supplement for the overall educational process.  Highlights and keys outlined in the manual include:
  • Developing a P.A.R.™ or Personal Alignment Routine™.
  • Understanding the differences between rigidity, sway, and liveliness at Address.
  • The three lock-downs and the danger they present to golfer performance.
  • Personal Sway Factor™ assessment and management.
  • Docking and Golf Baseline Position™ optimization.
  • Steps, Stages, Progressions, and Applications for each golfer.
  • Finding a personal arc of operation, stability enhancers, and the utilization of the Liveliness Concentration Points for enhancing docking performance.
  • Written for the golfer to study as a supplement to the educational process.”
TGM anticipates the new manual to be available by early October 2011.  As always, feel free to contact Dr. Matt with any questions or follow up at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .