Commentary: The Golfing Machine Text in Today's High Tech World

By Dr. Matthew M. Rosman, GSEE
Director of Biomechanics and Sports Science, The Golfing Machine,LLC

Those of us who share a passion for Mr. Kelley’ research and a boundless curiosity about his entire catalog of techniques and components most certainly, and with great frequency, regularly strive to study every bit of the information in The Golfing Machine text to further extract objective scientific constructs and insights from his “yellow book “.  Joe Daniels, GSED and I can both emphatically state that this is a true passion and great source of fulfillment for us.

In this process each of us seeks to increase both our knowledge as well as our ability to be more proficient in our execution skill.  For those reading this commentary who are also teaching professionals, there is an added goal of being able to effectively communicate the concepts in a relevant manner in a modern 21st century world to today’s golf student.  Our 21st century golf world is filled with technology, smart phones, apps, and high tech gadgets that are a part of our everyday lesson plan “tools” that may be utilized as part of the overall lesson plan design.

Therefore, it is very understandable to ask ourselves if the “yellow book”, whose last penned entry was about thirty years ago, is just as applicable in our present time as it was when last “penned”? Do the technological tools now have greater importance than the “yellow book”?  Can both the “yellow book” and technology function in harmony for lesson plan design and implementation?  Do they have equal value?

Well, let’s think for a moment about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, or Euclid’s Isosceles Theorem, or Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.  These examples contain laws, principles, and concepts just as relevant today as when they were first authored and published.  Are they outdated?  Are they less relevant?  Of course not!

The framework and main constructs authored by these pioneers to describe their principles and postulates adhered to the laws of science with an unwavering discipline to the rules of the scientific method. It was in fact their sense of duty, respect, and honor to the scientific method that permitted the next generation of researchers and scientists to verify, and if needed, or revealed through the scientific method, respectfully "evolve" the body of work to produce greater knowledge and benefit for all of civilization. Yet, many of the original laws, postulates, and constructs by the "founders" and "innovators" were verified and served as the foundation for further study as well as advancements by which all of civilization benefited.     

Therefore, these works of science referred to earlier (plus other significant major works of science throughout history) form the basis by which further insights, progressions of theory, as well as new discoveries were made (over the course of time through our present day) by scholars, scientists, researchers, and inventors across many disciplines.  These researchers and pioneers were able to harness the facts and principles of their predecessors to develop new insights by which our entire modern 21st century functions including all of the technology that we utilize today.

Mr. Homer Kelley was also a great pioneer and man of science who innovated golf education and instruction by applying the “truths” found with-in the theorems, laws, and principles of the scientific disciplines of geometry and physics for the sport of golf. In addition, Mr. Kelley also incorporated specific principles of the science of mechanical engineering in an applied manner for the sport of golf as well.

In fact, BIA™ whose hub of science is clinical biomechanics functions with a great synergy of compatibility to The Golfing Machine literature and scientific constructs because the foundation of the science Mr. Kelley utilizes for the principles contained with the TGM text are rooted in the truthful tenets of the principles of geometry and physics.

Hence, if the facts are lawful and adhere to the postulates and principles of the sciences then other scientific disciplines will be able to “integrate” and function lawfully in a mutually beneficial partnership with the geometry and physics utilized in the TGM text.   

The “yellow book” is and remains a "groundbreaking" and immeasurably important scholastic work. In fact, it is just as vibrant and relevant today as it was when first authored and first published by Mr. Kelley in 1969.
The Golfing Machine is a gift to all of us who have a passion for golf as well as an equal passion to teach.  It is an important document of historical proportions that still is boundless with endless insights and untold gems of knowledge that can fuel the minds of teachers and golf students for generations to come.

The Golfing Machine text provides the intellectual “knowledge” into the mind and body of the golf student and teacher in a manner quite analogous to how software programming provides the “knowledge” that permits the technology device to function and operate.

This author can personally attest to the endless value of Mr. Kelley’s text, as I vigorously, daily, and vigilantly engage in academic study of Mr. Kelley’s work with a “clinical and diagnostic” biomechanical “eye”.  This pursuit is now measured in years and has successfully produced biomechanical blueprints and “decodes” of Mr. Kelley’s “engineering” schematics and technical constructs that make up his “catalog”. 
Just as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity or Euclid’s Theorems of Geometry still are lawful today, Mr. Homer Kelley’s “yellow book” has remained lawful and relevant today.  We may use calculators and computers instead of a slide ruler, pen, and paper, but the “laws” by which we apply science in a 21st century high tech world remain “in effect” to that which was utilized decades or centuries ago.

The newly revealed information and enhanced clarity of understanding being decoded through the BIA™ clinical biomechanical study of The Golfing Machine continues an on-going tradition of scholastic study begun by Mr. Kelley over 70 years ago.  This is reflected in the evolution of all our Golfing Machine, LLC and BIA™ education classes and programs offered to both professionals and the public.  
The nature of the scientific method is to seek objective and lawful corroboration through the applied contributions of all the sciences including geometry, physics, and clinical biomechanics.

Technology and technological innovation provide important tools and modalities, as well as conveniences that aid in the integration of these age old irrefutable laws of science into a fast paced, modern world.  All of us marvel, appreciate, and value the tremendous contributions created through innovation and technology.  If the programming that “runs” the innovations and “gadgets” adheres to the laws of science such that the function of the gadgetry is “lawful” then there is a high degree of compatibility and a synergistic relationship that should exist between the “yellow book” and technology.  

Sometimes, we use the tools and understandably fail to remind ourselves of the “groundbreakers” and pioneers who authored the “data” and constructs that run the technology we often just “grab” and “use”.
Imagine a smart phone, tablet, or lap top without any software inside at all.  Or, what would happen if every different gadget that we used and relied upon operated with software program designs that were subjective, failing to adhere to universal laws and principles by which binary codes and programming functioned?
All of a sudden the reliability, validity, and usefulness of each tool would vanish!  The device would become nothing more than an exotic hollow shell or an abstract piece of art. If every calculator or financial computer in existence provided a different answer to a simple equation of “one plus one equals two”, how could (for example) our entire economic or engineering systems function? 
So, perhaps, we at times may need to remind ourselves and to be thankful for the scholars and scientists over the course of history that discovered the principles by which innovation and technology have been developed.  Mr. Homer Kelley is one of these distinguished pioneers.

The Golfing Machine, LLC is quite grateful and thankful for the pioneering work of Mr. Homer Kelley and his contribution to present day golf science education. There is still much we have to learn from Mr. Kelley and much we have to be thankful for in the creation of his “yellow book.”

And, without a doubt, both the “yellow book” and much of technology’s innovations including smart phones, “apps”, and the array of data collection tools that are part of our present world both  provide great importance as well as complementary contribution in our present day 21st century world of golf.

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