P.A.R.-formance Program for Golfers

What is
P.A.R.-formanceTM   for Golfers?

P.A.R-formance is a Movement Pattern Re-training Program designed to enhance the rhythmic flow and coordination potential of golfers so that the golfer’s biomechanical system can be better prepared for lesson instruction, practice, and play.  

P.A.R.-formance focuses on each and every golfer’s P.A.R. or Personal Alignment Routine.  The better the biomechanical set-up alignments and “docking” of the feet with the ground, and the more fluid and efficient the  motion of the golfer, the better the performance potential for instruction, practice, and play.  

P.A.R.-formance for Golfers is designed to improve specific, assessed, movement pattern dysfunctions due to disruptions in the flow of movement of various anatomical chains of operation with-in the golfer’s biomechanical system.

P.A.R.-formance for Golfers supplements the Movement Pattern Optimization Program with carefully chosen, supportive, targeted conditioning of areas in the biomechanical system that have been assessed as potential “weak links” with-in the structural system, undermining aspects of golf motion performance.  

P.A.R.-formance is not a traditional Golf Lesson, is not a “Golf Specific Fitness” training program, and is not a Universal Athletic Training Program.

P.A.R.-formance is tailored to each individual participant based upon the assessed review of the current golf stroke motion and inventory of the performance status of the individual’s biomechanical system from address to the finish of the displayed golf stroke motion.  

How do I benefit from a P.A.R.-formanceTM Hybrid Program?

In order for golf “swing” skill-building to occur through instruction and practice, and in order to improve playing performance skill, a golfer must have a biomechanical system that is as capable as is possible of producing the required poses and patterns of motion for desired golf skill-building.   

One key goal of a P.A.R.-formance Program is to develop a personalized, efficient, well-orchestrated, more solidly grounded, choreography of golf stroke motion as is possible. The human body is the most important “equipment” used by a golfer and it requires a “customized fitting” for optimal participation.

P.A.R.-formance evaluates the poses and sequences of the human body that are specific to the golf stroke or “swing”.  Then, if any areas of disruption to the motion are detected customized Movement Pattern Re-training protocols can be created and placed in a program design tailored to each specific participant.

Your Structural System can Optimize or Impair Your Golf Performance Potential

Most golfer’s structural systems may not function as desired for golf activities.  Sources of dysfunction include: stresses from work activities, recreational activities, previous injuries, everyday repetitive motion activities, postural distortions from sitting, working on a computer, overuse strains, incorrect form from shoveling or fitness activities, and so, on.  

If the golfer’s biomechanical connections are misaligned then there can be “blockages” in skill-building, power generation, and the needed rhythmic, fluid, smooth coordination of motion for desired ball-striking.

The displayed golf stroke may appear as “off-balance”, inconsistent, lacking coordination, with reductions in range of motion,  “un-golf-like” choppy motions with very effortful/volitional “swings” with limited power, a “flying right elbow”, “coming over the top”, “bobbing of the head”, more tilt or sway of the pivot than desired turn, and so, on.

Golfers undergo golf ball fittings and golf club fittings for optimal ball striking goals. So, why should the human body’s framework and operation not be assessed and “customized” as well for practice and play?

P.A.R.-formanceTM Program Q &A:

Q: Do I need a Golf Club?  

A: No Golf Club is required. A key goal of this program is to educate the participant in how the human body’s structural system operates and how each component should move and function when making a golf stroke motion.

Q: Is this a Personal Training or Athletic Training program?

A: No, this a Performance based Movement Pattern Re-Training Program.  Included is applicable target based conditioning designed to support the Performance, Motor-Learning Program.

Q: Is this a traditional type of Golf Lesson?

A: No, this is a program with a main goal of educating and working with the participant to more effectively and efficiently utilize the biomechanical system, to create more optimally aligned pose sequences, for a more coordinated, fluid, and  productive Golf Stroke motion.

Q: Do you base the program on golf science?

A: Yes, both the sciences of the sport of golf and the human anatomy biomechanics sciences are the sources for this programming.

P.A.R.-formanceTM Keys:
  • Half-Hour or Hour Sessions
  • Tailored for All Skill Levels
  • Golfer Focus, not Golf Club Focus
  • Golf Stroke Pattern Movement Training
  • Improve Rhythm & Fluidity
  • Improve Grounding and Stability
  • Identify Weak Links in your Chain of Action
  • Create More Efficient Routes of Motion
  • Strategic Targeted Conditioning
  • Customized Practice Plans
  • Improve Body Alignments
  • Create more effective Poses and Pose Sequences
  • Golf Science Based information 

There is an A.R.T.™ to improving golf performance.  By optimizing Alignments and improving Rhythm (of your structural system), golfers can be helped to achieve the desired Timing elements to become better prepared for golf lessons, practice, and play.”

Please address any questions about the program, rates, etc. to Dr. Matt at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Thank-you.