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L.A.B. = Learn, Apply, & Build

L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics is a Specialty Program whose primary goal is to offer innovative, yet practical protocols to improve Golfer Performance through a focus on Alignment Pose Optimization and Pose Choreography Protocols.

Every Golfer wants to improve.  Every Golfer seeks a Personal Best. And, every Golfer wants to get Better and then top their Personal Best.  This is the Golfer’s Performance Quest! Your Quest to your Personal Golfer Best and then topping your Personal Golfer Best is my Quest for you as well.

What is Performance for Golfers?

Performance focuses on the individual and his or her actions. The Golfer’s actions are demonstrated in a “Swing” Motion.  Your “Swing” Motion is bio-mechanical in action.  Simply put: Nerves power Muscles, Muscles move Joints, Joints create Poses, and Poses create Patterns of Motion.  Any interference or impediment that disturbs or alters the coordination of your “Swing” Motion has the potential to adversely disrupt your Golfer Performance.

Therefore, if the Golfer’s biomechanical poses are misaligned then there can be “Blockages”, and/or “Speed-Bumps” in Skill-Building such as: inconsistent or less ability to harness and then express Power, as well as difficulty orchestrating the needed Rhythmic, Fluid, Smooth Coordination of Motion for desired ball-striking.

These Golfer Performance “Blockages” and/or “Speed Bumps” are an important contributing factor to the full profile of inconsistencies in Practice and Play that Golfers experience.  If they are not detected and addressed in a customized manner to each Participant, then Performance Potential of the “Swing” Motion will be impeded or reduced.  

L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics focuses on improving each Golfer’s Alignment and Rhythm of their specific Structural System for the Sport of Golf. Hence, “If it’s Posable, it’s Possible!”.

A bio-mechanical Program such as this is designed to look for these Golfer Performance hindering “Blockages” and/or “Speed Bumps”.  Once these potential “Flow of Motion” Performance disrupters are identified, more optimal Alignments and better Rhythm of the Biomechanical System can be implemented, through a process referred to as Movement Cooperation™ (tailored to each Golfer Participant).  The amount of Performance improvement is ultimately dependent upon the health history and functional status of each Participant, however, without more optimal Alignments and better Rhythm of the Biomechanical System, as is possible for each Participant, Golfer Performance will not be as optimal as it could be.

Thus, each Participant can address his or her Golfer “Swing” Motion Performance “Blockages” and/or “Speed Bumps” to be more prepared, and more optimized for Skill-Building through Instructional Lessons for improved Practice and Play.

Unlock Your Golfer Performance Potential:

Every Golfer is unique. This includes their personal Biomechanical Structural System. Each Golfer’s Structural System as it relates “mechanical” Performance is analogous to a “combination lock”.  As we know each “combination lock” has a specific, unique three-digit combination sequence to “un-lock” it.  A desired Golfer “Swing” Motion must be orchestrated and flow with the correct combination code (a Pattern of Motion) to “unlock” the fullest Performance Potential of that specific Golfer. If the “Performance Combination Code” being used is not tailored to that specific Golfer’s unique Biomechanical Structural System, then desired Performance of the “Swing” Motion will not be “unlocked”, and thus Golf Practice and Play Performance and Skill-Building potential may then be reduced, inconsistent, or can plateau.  

L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics
assesses and then designs tailored protocols and steps to “unlock” the specific Alignment and Rhythm “combination code” of each Specific Golfer. This is accomplished through a process I refer to as Movement Cooperation.  

This Programming focuses on identifying Misaligned Poses and Performance bio-mechanical based “Blockages” and/or “Speed Bumps” that contribute to impeding and/or disrupting Golfer Performance, using a sequential, step-by-step approach, tailored to each Participant.
How does L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics create a personalized plan for each Golfer participant to enhance Performance and provide assistance?
By using a unique M.A.P.™ approach:

    “M”: Meaningful.  Using a detailed In-take and Assessment process which includes focusing on each Golfer’s specific concerns and needs that are of the utmost personal importance to enhance current Play, or to return to and participate in Golf Practice and Play goals once again.

    “A”: Adaptive.  Creating a Sequential Plan of Action and Service Providership that is highly customized to each Golfer’s functional status, Skill-Sets, and needs for current Play, as well as to help those Post-Rehab Golfers (who are medically cleared for this Programming) to re-design and/or recover Golfer “Swing” Skill-Sets which were altered by an injury or condition.

    “P”: Prioritized.  The most essential, primary, and important areas of focus will receive top attention and design considerations first and foremost with the greatest of care and consideration.

About L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics

  • Half-Hour Sessions (Hour Sessions for Advanced Participants available)
  • Tailored for All Golfer Skill Levels
  • Identify Counterproductive-to-Golf Structural Linkages and Improve Golfer Pose Alignments
  • Improve Rhythm & Fluidity in the “Swing” Choreography Flow of Motion. This can assist in improving Power, Distance, Accuracy, and Consistency Potential for better Golf Practice and Play Skill-Building.
  • Create More Efficient Routes of Motion
  • Improve Grounding and Stability for better and more consistent Power Harnessing via the Base of Support.
  • Golf Science Based information is provided and serves as the core of this Golfer Performance Programming.
  • Swing Post-Rehab and Skill Recovery™ Programming can be created for the Returning Golfer after all Health Care Treatment has concluded. (Written Clearance Required)
  • P.A.R.-formance™ Movement Pattern Optimization Programming for Off-Season Skill-Building, Pre-Season,and/or to Complement and Support on-going In-Season Golf Lessons, or as a Progression to the Swing Post-Rehab and Skill Recovery™ Program.
  • Biomechanical Club Fitting suggestions to complement standard Golf Club Fitting.
  • Design of Personal Performance Practice Plans
  • Uses a Step-by-Step Process in as a Fully Customized and Personalized Manner as is possible
  • Uses a L.A.B.™ Sequential Process: Learn, Apply, and Build, using Movement Cooperation for Skill Recovery and/or Skill Enhancement
  • Designed to be as complementary with current Fitness and/or Post Rehab Fitness Programming as is possible
  • Additional Fitness and/or Post Rehab Fitness Programming can be included
  • Additional Adaptive Golf Instruction as a complement to the Performance Programming may be included
“I believe that the human body is the most important ‘equipment’ used by a Golfer and it requires a ‘customized fitting’ for optimal activity and sports participation, as well as desired Golf Skill development.”

L.A.B. Golf Biomechanics™:  Q and A

Q:  How can I benefit from this Program?

A: In order for Golfer Skill-Building to occur through Lessons and Practice, and in order to improve Playing Skill-Sets, a Golfer must have a Biomechanical System that is as capable as is possible of producing the required Poses and Patterns of Motion for desired Sport of Golf participation.  This Program focuses on improving Golfer “Swing” Motion Performance.

Q: Is this Personal Training, Athletic Training, or Post-Rehab Exercise Programming?

A: No, this a Performance based Movement Pattern Re-Training Program.  This Program’s focus is to educate the Participant in how the human body’s Structural System operates and how each component may operate and cooperate to move and function, as optimally as is possible for each Participant, when making a Golfer “Swing” Motion.   

Then, personalized Protocols and Performance Programming are developed to foster a more efficient, well-orchestrated, more solidly grounded, choreography of Golfer “Swing” Motion, as is possible for each specific Participant, to be better prepared for Golf Practice and Golf Play Instruction.  Adaptive, Strategic, Golf Instruction (depending upon Space Size and Space Availability), and/or Fitness Protocols may be included in the Programming, as is applicable, tailored to each Participant’s goals and Programming design objectives.

Q: Are there Drills and Home Practice Activities provided to assist me in between Sessions?

A: Yes! Personalized Drills and Home Practice Activities are tailored to each Golfer Participant.

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This LG Biomechanics Information was created by Matthew M. Rosman.  Revised and updated August & September 2021.  All rights reserved.