Golf Tutor™: Consulting, Technical Writing, Personal Coaching, and Public Speaking Services

  1. Consulting: Helping Teaching Professionals integrate BIA™ performance science information into individual golfer management and improvement plans.  Working with allied health professionals who need performance protocols for their golfers for Post Rehab after care activity reintegration.  This includes Swing Rehab and Skill Recovery™ programming design.  This category includes both short and long term consulting services. Consulting services also includes group education, training, and continuing education for teaching and allied health professionals at facilities, clinics, and corporate organizations. 
    • Providing performance profile review for the teaching professional and health professional of their golfer clients for the design, development, and management of strategic interventions and guidelines.
    • Review of video, data, assessment findings, functional capacity, and all key criteria.
    • Narratives, report of findings, and guidelines for golf performance based protocols.
    • Programming design, drills, and entrainment motor learning choreography protocols customized to the specific golfer profile.
    • Consulting provided for the special population golfer for BIA Swing Rehab and Skill Recovery™ program design as well as the non-special population golfer.
  2. Technical Writing: Creating key biomechanical and professional information by assignment and topic which supplements or supports articles, periodicals, books, websites, and presentations.
    • Assignment and topic based writing for professionals in need of BIA motor learning performance based information tailored to websites, articles, periodicals, books, DVDs, brochures, educational presentations, research projects, and so, on.
    • Technical writing services are customized to the goals and objectives of the project and professional ranging from basic level anatomy to advanced concepts and topics.  The focus will always be tailored to the science and sport of golf.
  3. Personal Coaching: Working to develop enhanced aptitude, educational insight, and improvement performance protocols for individual golfers and professionals in need of mentoring, tutoring, or practice plans.  This includes tutoring in the BIA™ books.
    • Tutoring on all BIA™ subject matter, educational concepts, Level 1 and Level 2 book content.
    • The goal is to answer questions and customize tracts of learning, study, and knowledge for the motivated and conscientious person with a strong desire to raise aptitude for personal or professional advancement.
    • Golf Tutor™ personal coaching and mentoring is available for non-professionals and professionals.
  4. Public Speaking: For your event, seminar, summit, or group.  Presentations and specialty subject matter tailored to the goals and objectives of the event.  This also includes key note addresses, group education, training, and continuing education for teaching and allied health professionals at facilities, clinics, and corporate organizations.
    • Formatting to the program.
    • Power Point and handouts custom designed for attendees.
    • Available for Corporate Events, Outings, and Fundraisers

For a specific fee schedule, questions, and for inquires please contact Dr. Matt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it